The King of Superfoods

Açaí berry was one of the first foods to be labeled a “superfood,” and was at the forefront of the superfood revolution. When you look at the amazing benefits that it provides, it’s easy to see why!

While Açaí is known for its ability to aid in weight loss, it also has a variety of other benefits—such as immune system support and heart health—that can help you to feel outstanding, and even live longer!


Extreme combo of powerful natural anti-inflammatories

  • Lose Weight. Most of us have at least a little weight that we’d like to lose. Açaí helps you to not only lose those pesky pounds, but also keep the weight off.
  • Boost Immune System. Catching a cold is the worst! With the ability to strengthen your immune system, açaí is amazing for fighting off infections, bacteria and viruses. This means less sneezing, runny nose and feeling under the weather.
  • Fight Aging. Oxidative stress wreaks havoc on the body, and can lead to fatigue, premature aging and arthritis.

Açaí is well-known for its amazing antioxidant properties, which help to rid your body of free radicals, and counter their effects.


Additional benefits of ENHANCE Açaí

  • Encourage Heart health. A strong heart is essential for overall, long-term health. Açaí is high in anthocyanins, which helps to balance cholesterol. Açaí berries also help to improve circulation and overall blood composition.
  • Prevent Cancer. Cancer is devastating to the body, and leads to hundreds of thousands of deaths per year in the United States alone! Because of the flavonoids in açaí berry seeds, açaí has strong antioxidants that help to lower the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.
  • Improve Digestion.Depending on your diet, your body may be full of harmful toxins that need to be removed. Açaí helps to cleanse the colon—as well as regulate bowel movements—to better detoxify the body.


How to take ENHANCE Açaí

Take one capsule one to two times daily, preferably with meals, or as directed by your physician.



Açaí Berry