Vitamin D-3

Vitamin D for Bone and Energy Support

Essential Vitamin D-3.

Vitamin D is one of the few nutrients we have a hard time getting from food. Remember vitamin D fortified milk? Yeah, the dairy producers had to artificially add that in. But we need this vitamin for everything from preventing insulin resistance to calcium absorption. We can make our own vitamin D by exposing ourselves to UV rays, but what about those of us that can’t do that because of weather or certain health risks? That’s where a supplement comes in…

Boost energy with ELEMENTS D-3

Your body relies on vitamin D to maintain your overall health and support energy levels.

  • Maintain bone health. We all remember from school that calcium keeps our bones healthy and strong. We can consume all the calcium we want, but our bodies won’t absorb a lick of it without vitamin D.
  • Fight against diabetes. As we get older our bodies can become insulin resistant, setting us up for type II diabetes. Vitamin D has shown to keep our bodies insulin sensitive so we don’t overproduce the hormone.
  • Boost your energy. Feeling chronic fatigue but also can’t sleep? Does it get worse in the winter and maybe have an element of depression? These are signs of simply a vitamin D deficiency and can easily be addressed! Start feeling more alive again!


Additional benefits of ELEMENTS Vitamin D-3

Vitamin D is a vital micronutrient that can help with more than one problem.

  • Calm psoriasis. Vitamin D is thought to help control skin cell growth, preventing the usual redness and irritation that is associated with psoriasis.
  • Regulate thyroid glands. Helps manage problems associated with both under-active and overactive thyroids.
  • Cavity prevention. The bones you can see are also reaping the benefits of more efficient calcium absorption.


How to take ELEMENTS Vitamin D-3

For adults only. Take 1 softgel 1 to 3 times a day with food. Do not use within one hour of using medications. Do not exceed suggested dosage.



Vitamin D-3 (Cholecalciferol)