The Balanced Boost

When most people think of electrolytes, they think of sodium. Because of this, they think they are getting all of the electrolyte they need in their diet with salt.

In reality, high levels of sodium without adequate levels of potassium can be dangerous. You need the perfect balance — which may mean more potassium in your diet.

ELEMENTS Potassium can help you to reach the balance your body needs, as well as boost this necessary mineral to benefit your nervous system, and overall health.

The Balance You Need

Sadly, a lot of people are potassium deficient. This can lead to lethargy, muscle fatigue and even hypokalemia (a dangerous illness caused by very low levels of potassium).

In order to keep your body running at its full capacity — and ensure that your nervous system keeps transmitting data to different parts of your body efficiently — you need potassium.

So, how exactly does having the right amount of potassium help?

  • Nervous System Support. Essentially, your nervous system sends messages throughout your body that tell your muscles and nerves how to react. Potassium is crucial in this process, and is needed to make sure your body is able to pass necessary electrical signals.
  • Fluid Balance. Water makes up about 70% of your body, and is in everything from your organs to your bones. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that all of your cells are getting the right water balance. Potassium aids in the balancing of water in cells, making sure every aspect of our body runs properly.
  • Lower Blood Pressure. To maintain heart health, your blood pressure needs to be properly regulated. Potassium helps to balance out sodium and lower blood pressure. This can assist in reducing the risk of arrhythmia, and other heart issues that are a result of high blood pressure.

Potassium helps to safeguard against heart health problems, while also providing support to your nervous and muscular systems.

Additional benefits of ELEMENTS Potassium

Potassium is a necessary tool to not only support the nervous system, muscular system and heart, but also to…

  • Stop Cramping. When your nervous system isn’t working properly, you can develop problems with your muscles such as twitches and even cramping. Potassium aids in the communication of your nerves and your muscle cells to eliminates cramping.
  • Support Kidneys to Remove Waste. In order to remove waste from your body, your kidneys need to be in great shape. Potassium helps to support your kidney functions, to ensure your body is properly disposing of toxins that will lead to illness.
  • Improve Bone Health.  We all know that your bones need calcium to keep them strong. Potassium helps to preserve the calcium in your bones, making sure that they stay healthy and durable.

Potassium is needed to stabilize and regulate a variety of bodily functions. ELEMENTS Potassium will aid in boosting your levels of this essential electrolyte, so your body can find the balance that it truly needs.


How to take ELEMENTS Potassium

Take 1 tablet daily preferably with a meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.



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