The Midday Motivator

What if there was an alternative to coffee that gave you a cleaner and longer-lasting caffeine buzz? What if this amazing, natural source of energy could give you the boost that you need to not only get through the day…but conquer it?

That alternative energy source exists, and its name is Guarana. For centuries, Brazilians have utilized this fruit to boost their energy, mental clarity and so much more. LFI Labs has created an all-natural extract of Guarana that gives you all of the incredible benefits of the plant…at an extremely affordable price.


Balanced and Lasting Energy

We live in a fast-paced world. That’s why you need something to help you keep up. Balance Guarana can help to combat lethargy, fatigue, and sleepiness, by providing your body with the stamina you need to get you through even the longest of days.

  • Natural energy. So many products these days contain a ridiculous amount of ingredients — a lot of which you can’t even pronounce! Balance Guarana keeps it simple — giving you the boost you need without all of the toxic nonsense.
  • Slow release. Thanks to molecules in Guarana called tannins, the caffeine that is introduced to your body is done so in a slow and steady way. Instead of going from zero to sixty and burning out, you maintain the right level of vitality through the afternoon, and into the evening.
  • No crash. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of doing something important, only to notice that your energy levels are draining at an exponential rate! With Balance Guarana, you get sustained energy, without the crash.

Increase your stamina and give yourself the extra pep that you need to be the champion of your day.


Additional benefits of BALANCE Guarana

Along with incredible levels of energy, Guarana has been shown to provide a host of other game-changing benefits to help you along your health journey. With Guarana, you can:

  • Burn fat. Along with that extra energy burst that you crave, Guarana can also help you to burn off that tire around your belly. Guarana has thermogenic properties, meaning that is raises your core body temperature — allowing your body to more effectively burn fat.
  • Increase your focus. If you find yourself having to force the focus from time-to-time, Guarana may be perfect for you. Many people that use Guarana see an increase in overall focus that is both sustainable and noticeable.
  • Enhance your performance. Let’s face it — most of us could use an extra boost at the gym. Guarana can help to provide you with the extra push that you need to get those extra few reps in.

Not all sources of energy are created equal. Guarana gives a long-lasting and smooth release of energy to enhance performance, and maintain your stamina throughout your day.


How to take BALANCE Guarana

Take one capsule one to two times daily, preferably with meals, or as directed by your physician.



Guarana Complex