Green Tea

The Antioxidant Powerhouse

Most people think of tea as simply an alternative to coffee. In reality, different types of tea have different health benefits — but a tea that stands out amongst the rest is green tea.

With extremely powerful antioxidant properties, cognitive boosters and metabolism enhancers, green tea extract is an absolute powerhouse!

Our green tea EGCG extract — Balance Green Tea — takes advantage of all of the most powerful properties of green tea, without adding any unnecessary filler or GMOs. What’s left is a highly effective extract that can help you to lose weight, feel great, boost your energy and fight off nasty free radicals — keeping you healthy and full of life!

Green Tea Benefits


Daily energy boost

  • Fight Cell Damage. Oxidative stress can lead to a variety of chronic health issues, such as: arthritis, inflammation and even types of cancer.With powerful polyphenol catechins and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), Balance Green Tea helps you to fight off dangerous free radicals that cause damage to your cells.
  • Increase Energy. Who doesn’t need an extra kick of energy here and there? With the help of the caffeine and L-theanine in green tea extract, you are able to boost your energy without that annoying crash that you get from coffee and energy drinks.
  • Boost Metabolism. If you’ve put on a few pounds, Balance Green Tea may be for you! Green tea extract can boost your metabolism, helping you to burn fat and shed pounds.


Additional benefits of BALANCE Green Tea

  • Improve Mental Clarity. You need to stay sharp throughout the day. With Balance Green Tea, you’ll have the mental clarity that you need to focus at work…and at home.
  • Support Heart Health. Your heart is essential to your overall health. Because of this, you’ll want to take good care of it. Green tea extract helps to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, and helps your heart to function the way it’s supposed to.
  • Fight Aging. We all get older. That doesn’t mean we have to look or feel that way, though! Balance Green Tea can help to fight signs of aging, and allow you to feel great into your golden years.


How to take BALANCE Green Tea

Take one capsule one to two times daily, preferably with meals, or as directed by your physician.



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