All Natural Fiber and Probiotic Supplement

Excuse our 4th grade potty talk, but pooping is awesome. No, really. Not only is it important for daily maintenance, it’s also a barometer for your overall health. And soluble dietary fiber is a key ingredient to staying “regular” — it promotes intestinal health, helps flush out toxins and so much more.


Fiber supplement for daily maintenance and cleansing.

Daily detox-measures help counteract the unhealthy things we put in our bodies, like processed foods and sugars. BALANCE Daily is a 100% natural supplement designed to optimize your health, starting in the gut. By regulating your bowel movements, you allow for increased absorption of nutrients in the large intestines. More vitamins and minerals is never a bad thing.

  • Daily detoxification. Keeping your pipes clean is the first step to feeling good and increasing longevity. Natural laxative properties from the fibers in BALANCE Daily, including psyllium husks and oat bran, help keep the bowels moving and cleanse the system.
  • Weight control. When taken before meals, the spongy fiber from psyllium husks can create a feeling of fullness and reduce appetite. For this reason, psyllium and other fibers may aid weight loss.
  • Bye, bye IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome is a stress-related disorder. Psyllium husks and mineral-rich bentonite clay treat constipation and relieve abdominal discomfort related to IBS. L-acidophilus helps promote healthy digestion.

Colon bowlin’. Dropping the kids off at the pool. Going number two. Whatever you call it, regular pooping is a very good thing. Clean out the pipes and find the balance your body needs with BALANCE Daily, a gentle detox supplement.


Additional benefits of BALANCE Daily

There’s nothing worse than belly bloat when you’ve got a big event coming up. Oh wait, there is: diarrhea. But by maintaining a balanced gut, that’s not something you have to worry about. BALANCE Daily offers a variety of benefits beyond healthy, regular bowel movements.

  • Reduce bloating. Soluble fiber works by binding with water to form a gelatinous substance that becomes our stool. This helps prevent that “water logged” feeling and keeps the digestive system flowing.
  • Probiotic support and diarrhea prevention. Lactobacillus acidophilus is an important intestinal bacteria. It helps the body break down food while also warding off the “bad bacteria” that causes indigestion and loose stool.
  • Combat high cholesterol. The binding properties of fiber from psyllium husks have been proven effective at helping carry the “bad” cholesterol out of the body.

Enjoy the benefits of a healthy gut with all natural BALANCE Daily. Expel toxins, lower your cholesterol, and hey, look good, too.


How to take BALANCE Daily

Take three capsules on an empty stomach with a glass of water daily or as directed by your physician.



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