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Determined to Detox? Start Here.

By | January 16, 2017 | wellness

Let’s look at the word detoxification. The idea surrounding the word sounds great of course we want to clean our body of toxins but what does it mean and where do we begin?

The internet is full of detox plans and cleanses. They each vary greatly and each believes it has the magic formula. It’s difficult to know which of those formulas is right, if a detox is a good idea, and if so, which is best for you.

First off, let’s clarify: when done wisely, a detox is beneficial. While the body is built to cleanse, with complex and efficient elimination systems in place, it sometimes can use a little help. After all, we can all use a tuneup.

  • Detoxes work to assist our bodies to do what they do naturally.
  • Detoxes are about change, hitting the reset switch and doing things that are good.
  • Creating healthy habits is the basic idea.

If you are new to detox, you are in luck. This introduction will give you what you need to begin and the confidence to stick with it.

Health is a journey

The first thing to remember is that health is less a destination than it is a journey. In order to be healthy you must act healthy. There are countless ways to be healthy, and any of them are a good place to start. Your journey begins with a choice: making small positive changes and building on them.

A detox can be simple. Many plans start off with drastic changes that are hard to follow, let alone to understand. We believe health isn’t a race nor a quick fix. The greatest change begins slowly and with balance:

  1. Start simple but stick with it. Choose what you’d like to do to improve and begin there.
  2. Consistency is key. Begin a detox with a few basic ideas and make them into habits.
  3. Enjoy the ride. The point is to feel better, right?

Also, expect to slip up. Like it or not, no matter how determined you are, you may fall off the wagon once or twice. That’s okay. Just get up, dust off and get back to it. A good detox is about long term success. A little detour won’t matter over the long run.

As all of us are different. No individual detox plan is perfect and requires finding a balance of what works best for us. Choose a couple of things you would like to do to improve your health and begin there. It sounds simple, but the idea is to develop healthy habits. Start slowly, with changes that motivate you, and be consistent with your new practice.

Next week, we’ll look at specific changes you can make this first week to kickstart your detox right. We look forward to your questions and progress along the way. Share it with us each week with #Detox2017 and win.

To your health,

LFI Labs


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