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5 Things That Should Be In Your Gym Bag (That Probably Aren’t)

By | August 11, 2017 | fitness

I have 3 different gym/dance bags that are packed with the essentials and are ready to go with a simple addition of my toiletries and a set of workout clothes anytime I want to head out. I keep a set of essentials in each of my bags so that I am never without the essentials. You probably have the important items for your workout type good to go – proper shoes, shower sandals, toiletries, etc. – but you might be missing some items that will make any trip to the gym smooth sailing.

Tennis ball

No, I don’t think everyone should start playing tennis for fitness (I am an utter disaster at the sport). Smaller than a foam roller, a tennis ball is a perfectly portable tool for rolling out muscle knots and fascial adhesions. It also gets into all the small spots that a foam roller and other tools can’t get to like tight hip flexors. Plus, tennis balls are cheap on Amazon.

Blister band-aids

I find surprise blisters from my day job shoes pretty regularly and making sure there are blister bandages in my bag makes sure that I can protect that delicate skin when I hit the floor for a Zumba class.

Protein bar/snack

Oh man, hangry me is not a good me. I make sure to always have a few protein bars and snacks tucked into my bags in case I need some pre or post-workout fuel. (Our ERG! Bars are a tasty snack for keeping in your gym bag).

A glass water bottle

I like keeping an empty reusable water bottle in my bag at all times. This way, I don’t have to buy over-priced gym water, I am saving the environment and keeping myself free of bad chemicals all at once. I love my bkr bottle.

A spare pair of clean undies

This is the easiest one to forget because you’re probably already wearing some. But who wants to go home from the gym in sweaty clothes and super sweaty undies? Keeping a clean pair in my bag is an absolute must. 


Top Five Gym Bag Essentials

What gym bag essentials do you always pack that other people might not think to pack?

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