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Stress-Free Living: How to Optimize Your Home for Relaxation

By | October 30, 2017 | lifestyle, self-care

Open the first page of a crate and barrel catalog and instead of the cluttered living you’re in, you’re invited to look inside neatly designed stress-free living sanctuaries. Page after page of luxurious bedspreads, crisp clean bathrooms, and fully stocked kitchens decorated down to the last detail. Sadly my apartment hasn’t looked like that since an hour after I moved in. Your home may never be as immaculate as what’s on the pages of a home decor catalog, but there are certainly some things you can do to make it a prime space for relaxation. 

The old adage “a messy room reflects a messy soul” has some truth. Or if you have ever heard of Feng shui (or geomancy), then you are familiar with the idea that the arrangement of your surroundings impacts your overall well-being. Whether you believe the pseudoscience or not, it’s a good reason to clean and organize your home. So next time you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, pick a room to organize. A good one to start with is the bedroom because it is a primary personal relaxation space.

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If you need some extra inspiration, here are some ideas to recreate the relaxation paradises you see in the catalogs.

Optimize your bedroom

There’s a reason that parents constantly remind you to clean up your room as a kid. Your bedroom is where you do most of your rest and relaxation, so leaving it messy and eclectic can interfere with that. Remove the clutter from your room and fill your space with things that relax you. Candles, string lights, essential oil diffusers, and salt lamps, contribute to the stress-free ambiance and can become part of a relaxing bedtime ritual.

Create a space for meditating and relaxing

Meditating can be incredible for relieving stress and boosting happiness. Most of us don’t have a great place to do it though. Creating a little area in your bedroom or living room, such as an unused corner can solve this problem cheaply and easily. Grab some pillows, blankets, and a few candles, and you’re on your way to enlightenment.


There is nothing more therapeutic than unplugging for a little while and escaping the stress of the work week. Picking a space in your house to do this can make actually unplugging a bit easier. A great example is no phone usage in your bedroom after 10 pm or no phone usage in your kitchen during dinner.

Decorate with what you love

Having an aesthetically pleasing house is great when you’re having friends or family over to visit. Nothing makes a place feel truly like home more than decorating with what you really love. I, for instance, have maps from all of the countries I’ve been to hanging on my bedroom walls and cover my tv stand and shelves with old cameras. Filling my space with the things I love to do make my apartment feel that much more inviting and relaxing.

Make use of your fireplace

An open fire makes for a much more relaxing focal point in your living room than a television, and provides a multi-sensory experience which is just perfect for winding down at the end of the day.

Keep healthy foods on hand

Creating an emotionally healthy space is essential to making your home feel like an escape from your stress. It is equally important that you make it a place that facilitates physical health as well. Everyone snacks, so make sure that you keep healthy and filling foods on hand that you enjoy. Keeping a poorly stocked fridge only leads to frustration and poor eating habits down the road. If you’re looking for some easy ways to keep yourself eating healthy, check out this post: Veggie Meal Prep: Snacks & Simple Roasting Ideas.

Got any home tips of your own? As always we would love to hear from you in the comments!

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