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Why Natural Skin Care is More Important in the Winter

By | November 21, 2016 | self-care

That Mother Nature, she’s kind of a witch. Especially in the winter, and even more so when it comes to your skin. As temperatures have dipped, you’ve probably noticed some changes in your skin condition. Dry. Scaly. Peeling. Rough. If you’re like us, it makes you feel more like a dragon than a human. And worst of all, you’re probably spending a lot of money on unnecessary moisturizers and lotions.

Wait. Unnecessary?

Yeah, we said it. Because there’s no reason to drop that much cash when you have an all natural alternative sitting in your refrigerator or cupboards. We’re here to show you the benefits, and importance, of natural skin care in the winter.


Why winter weather is harsh on your skin

During the winter, the air outside is much drier and temperatures are significantly colder. Dry air takes a toll on your skin, sucking away the moisture. Cold weather is just as bad. When the outdoor temperature drops, our bodies try to compensate by producing more heat and using up valuable cellular energy. This can lead to dehydration. Combine the two together and you have the perfect storm for skin that is dry, scaly and flaky.


Natural alternatives to harsh chemical skin care products


Have you ever thought to yourself, “I could literally bathe in guacamole.”? Guess what? You can! Or at the very least you can rub avocados all over your skin. Rich in vitamins, protein and healthy fats, avocados can be used to moisturize skin, treat sunburns and prevent wrinkles. Simply apply it to your body and leave on for 15 minutes. Then, take a lukewarm shower to rinse off.



Honey is another of nature’s wonders. It’s antibacterial to treat and prevent acne. It moisturizes and soothes for a glowing complexion. It’s chock full of antioxidants to help prevent signs of aging. It’s even clarifying to unblock pores. Our advice? Treat yourself to a honey bath to help rebalance dry skin. Add two cups of honey to a warm bath. Soak for at least 15 minutes and enjoy the bliss.



Remember when you were a kid and had the chicken pox and your mom made you take an oatmeal bath? Maybe you should have kept up the routine. Oats are a natural cleanser, containing saponin, a chemical compound that acts as a deterrent to microbes and fungi. They also work well as a mild scrub for individuals with sensitive skin. In addition, some people have found oats to be an effective moisturizer. Their lipid profile, in combination with a variety of proteins, makes for the ideal humectant to retain moisture.


Olive oil

Have you ever heard of the oil cleansing method (OCM)? Here’s how it works: Instead of using a harsh chemical cleanser to clean your face, you use oil. Huh? Oil to clean oil? Really. Think back to your high school chemistry class — like dissolves like. So it makes sense that you use nourishing olive oil to replace the sebum (oil produced by your sebaceous glands) on your face. Simply rub the oil onto your face for two minutes and then run a washcloth under warm water and use it to wipe off.


For more detailed information on OCM and the best oil for your skin type, visit the Crunchy Betty blog.



Sure, you could go to your local department store and pick up an expensive moisturizer or toner, or you could simply walk to the kitchen and open your fridge. Milk is about to become your secret weapon for wintertime skin care. Like those spendy exfoliators you’ll find in a department store, milk contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) that reduces wrinkles and boosts collagen production. Milk is also rich in vitamin A, which treats dry, flaky skin, and vitamin B6, which is essential for the production of new skin cells.


Another option – BOOST Beauty

Why wait until the weather wears down your skin when you can supplement with all natural BOOST Beauty? We’ve formulated this product with 28 ingredients, each of which supports healthy hair, skin and nails. Stimulated collagen production improves the overall health of your skin, while goji berry helps firm it up and reduce chances of acne. Heal yourself from the inside out with LFI’s BOOST Beauty.

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