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Morning Workouts That Will Change The Way You Travel

By | September 18, 2017 | fitness

For some of us working out is a struggle and for others, it’s a joy. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall on, taking a total break from working out while traveling isn’t always a great idea. Beyond the physical benefits, there are so many emotional and mental benefits to a workout, that can make travel much more enjoyable. During a trip, a morning workout each day can be a real game changer. Here are some of the best ones to boost your mental clarity throughout the entire day, and relieve the stresses that can sometimes come with a vacation!

1. Go For A Run

Okay, this seems super obvious, right? Running in a new city can be intimidating though. With a little planning, mapping out your route before hand, or looking up great running paths, this can be an easy way to stay fit. 

2. Resistance Band

Resistance bands are great because they can give you a pretty high-intensity workout while taking up almost no room in luggage or a carry-on. This is also a workout you can easily do in your hotel room. Starting the day with some basic resistance exercises can boost your metabolism all day and improve your mood too!

3. Jump Rope

Again, super convenient and super beneficial, whats not to love? This may require a little more space than your hotel room which gives you a great excuse to get outside early and explore somewhere new. Find the closest local park and enjoy the benefits of working out with the locals!

4. Body Weight Exercises

This is by far the simplest and easiest workout you can do while traveling, but the benefits are numerous. Do some research to find a body weight regimen that is realistic for you, and then either use your room or the hotel fitness center to get in a quick and rewarding workout. If you choose to use your room though, make sure you have minimal distractions like TV or other people that might cause you to quit early.

5. Yoga

Another easy one for the hotel room, and perfect for traveling. The benefits of yoga, increased mental clarity, stress relief, and improved sleep, will also help you take your travel experience from good to great! Again just do some research on yoga routines that are realistic for your setting and start feeling better immediately!

People are always looking for those tips and tricks that can take traveling from good to great when you can do this simply through a good morning workout! Let us know your favorite ways to stay active while traveling in the comments!

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