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Improve Concentration and Memory with These Brain-Boosting Activities

By | September 14, 2016 | wellness

Whether going back to school or getting ahead at work, there are many activities you can do to improve concentration and memory. By improving concentration and memory, you can strengthen your brain health and vitality as well as stay mentally sharp when performance is key. Try these brain-boosting activities to improve concentration and memory.


How to improve concentration and memory

  1. Healthy lifestyle. Developing good eating habits, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking will help enhance concentration and memory. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, the amount of blood and oxygen delivered to the brain increases and reduces the risk of medical conditions that lead to memory loss, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Exercise also increases endorphins, which improve mood and prevent depression.
  2. Repeat, repeat, repeat. One of the best devices for improving concentration and memory involves repetition. While saying ‘milk’ three times over may help you remember to buy it on the way home, writing it down, saying it and adding a reminder in your phone can help you build a stronger memory through repetition.
  3. Use mnemonics. Using sentences, rhymes, acronyms, visual images and more can help improve memory by linking the information. You still haven’t forgotten the order of the planets, right? After learning this mnemonic device in school — My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas — you’ll never forget the order of the planets in our solar system.
  4. Exercise your mind. Stay sharp by challenging your mind with new information. By challenging your brain, you create new neurological connections, which make the brain more resistant to memory disorders, as well as more effective. Try learning a new language, doing the morning crossword puzzle or learning a difficult piece of music.
  5. Relate information. By relating new information to something you already know, you can help enhance concentration and memory. You can build on something you already know, like improving your knowledge of the Civil War with an advanced history class, or you can relate the numbers in your son’s phone number to another phone number you know. This can help improve your memory.

Prevent age-related memory loss

When you take the time to complete activities that improve concentration and memory, you can not only benefit from improved efficiency and mental sharpness but also help prevent the development of memory loss diseases as you age.

In addition to these brain-boosting activities, taking a supplement for improved memory can help. LFI Labs offers ENHANCE MHz for enhanced cognitive performance, memory and focus.

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