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Women’s health matters. It is a topic as broad and diverse and interesting as its main subject: women. From girlhood to womanhood, the nutritional and lifestyle needs evolve with every phase of a woman’s life. Here are our picks from the blog.

Hack your way to a better period
Cramps, bloating, headaches, digestive issues. The mood swings. Here are some tips for a better period. Read more »
Phyoestrogens: the secret ingredient in the fight against hot flashes.
The most common and effective natural ingredients in the fight against debilitating hot flashes are plant estrogens, also known as phytoestrogens. Read more »
Vitamin D, Calcium, and Protein: A Bone-Healthy Diet
As we age, our bone health can deteriorate putting us at higher risk of breaks and fractures, and can even lead to osteoporosis. What you eat can help.  Read more »
Supplements for menopause: 5 key vitamins and nutrients
Here, you’ll find key supplements to add to support bone health and a healthy lifestyle during and after menopause. Read more »
Your lipstick is making you sick
It’s been estimated that women consume anywhere between 3 and 7 pounds of lipstick over their lifetimes. Not all lipsticks are meant to be eaten. Read more »

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