Food for Thought: Earth Day 2021

Food For Thought: Earth Day Edition

By | April 22, 2021 | lifestyle, nutrition, self-care

For over fifty years we have been celebrating the Earth on April 22, thanks to a Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson. And, since its inception in 1970, Earth Day celebrations have expanded across the globe.

And as the movement grows globally, the message is centered and thinking locally. Central to the local movement is the food we eat. Buying local is a step towards both a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle, lowering your carbon footprint and putting fresh and health food on your plate.

Here’s a rollup on tips for being more mindful of what you eat and making food choices that are better for you and the environment.

Eat what’s local and in season.

Choosing in-season fruits and veggies is a simple way to support local farmers and businesses and reduce the carbon cost of your food. It also adds color and flavor to your plate.

Less junk in, less junk out.

Processed foods have a larger carbon footprint and tend to generate more waste than homecooked meals or minimally processed alternatives. And processed foods often have added preservatives and ingredients you may not necessarily want to put into your body. Planning meals and snacks ahead of time can reduce impulse buys and overall waste.

More food for thought…

There are many more ways to connect with food and celebrate the earth. From visiting a family farm to growing a vegetable garden, making healthier food choices is not only good for you, but also for the community and planet. For more green ideas for every day, check out Make Earth Day a Personal Wellness Day.

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