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Favorite YouTube Fitness Video Channels

By | July 20, 2017 | fitness

Some days making it to the gym just isn’t an option. Maybe your car is in the shop or you got out of work crazy late. Maybe you just don’t want to drag yourself all the way to the gym. But you know you need to get a workout in. And you can’t face Jillian Michaels one more time. Thank goodness there is YouTube. It is choc full of great fitness videos with full workouts in any style you could possibly want and in any length that you need.


I’ve picked my favorite channels from across the fitness spectrum. These are vloggers that I turn to regularly when I need to get a workout in from my living room (or hotel room).


My favorite channels

Lazy Dancer Tips

Featured Video: Total Body Active Stretching Workout

About the channel: Professional dancer, Alessia Lugoboni, shares snackable workouts with a ballet slant. You don’t have to be a dancer to do or enjoy her workouts, but if you are a dancer there is even more content on this page for you. Her website has video combinations for building full workout programs from her YouTube videos. This is the channel that I turn to most often for videos.

Workout Types: Pilates, stretching, ballet classes

Yoga with Adriene

Featured Video: Yoga for Self Care

About the channel: Yoga with Adriene is the channel that I know all of my friends use when they need a home yoga sequence. She has videos for runners and cyclists. She has bedtime and morning yoga classes. Short videos and longer videos. If you need a yoga workout, it’s likely that Adriene has one tailored to you.

Workout Types: Yoga

Bad Yogi

Featured Video: 10 Minute Wonder Woman Yoga Workout

About the channel: This channel from Erin Motz is all about making yoga accessible to everyone. There isn’t Sanskrit mumbo jumbo and she aims to remove the snobbery from yoga culture. Plus, a Wonder Woman inspired yoga workout? I’m sold.

Workout Types: Yoga


Featured Video: Fat Burning Cardio + Core | Apartment Friendly Workout

About the channel: One of the OG fitness YouTubers, Casey Ho, has built an empire out of her upbeat POPpilates videos. She has new videos regularly that focus on different body parts and different styles. From fitness challenges to relaxing yoga sequences, this channel is full of upbeat workouts.

Workout Types: POP Pilates, PIIT28 and Bootcamp Sculpting Workouts

PopSugar Fitness

Featured Video: 45-Minute Cardio Dance and Toning Workout Mashup

About the channel: A popular fitness blog creates a variety of fitness classes and instructional videos to help you build your own workouts. They regularly upload videos that follow the latest trends in exercise styles.

Workout Types: Cardio, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training

Body Rock

Featured Video: BodyRock Advanced Challenge Live Workout – Day 1

About the channel: With daily uploads of new HIIT moves, this channel is for experienced fitness peeps. They are all about helping you reach your fitness goals and many of the videos require you to have some equipment on hand.

Workout Types: HiitMax, HiitReps, HiitLean, HiitBody, HiitCore, Yoga

Fitness Marshall

Featured Video: Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You | The Fitness Marshall | Cardio Concert

About the channel: Fun, follow along cardio dance routines that are sure to get your blood pumping. There are always a variety of body types in the video and they are aimed at getting everyone off the couch and dancing. Visit the playlists to build a full workout.

Workout Types: Cardio Dance

Fitness Blender

Featured Video: HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily + Cardio & Total Body Workout

About the channel: Gimmick-free fitness videos from a husband & wife team dedicated to usable, real workouts. They upload new full-length workouts each week.

Workout Types: Strength, Cardio, Interval


Featured Video: Belly Dance Fitness Calorie Burn Workout: Leilah Isaac

About the channel: Workouts from some of the biggest names in fitness from Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks and more.

Workout Types: Cardio, Yoga, Intervals, Strength

KravMaga Girl

Featured Video: Krav Maga Girl | 27 min. Upper Body Workout

About the channel: Workouts based on the Krav Maga fighting style as well as videos about how to apply the fighting techniques to real life. These videos are all about being a badass, a great way for a workout to make you feel.

Workout Types: KravMaga


What are your favorite channels?

These channels help me keep my fitness challenged self-motivated when I can’t get to the gym or when I want to try something new and different. But I am always on the lookout for more. Do you have a favorite fitness channel that you turn to when you need to spice up your workout routine?

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