Easy Fall Skin-Care

By | October 23, 2017 | self-care, wellness

Fall is finally here! The temperature might not reflect it but everything fun about the season is beginning to arrive. Pumpkins, apple cider, an excuse to stay up until 2 am watching horror movies on a weekday. Falls signifies the start of some great things, and also some not so great. Yep, I’m talking about dry skin. Bum bum bum.

If your goal is to avoid looking like a snake shedding its skin this fall/winter, then it may be time to start preparing now. By now we all know the basics, moisturize, hydrate, etc. What you may not realize though is that not all moisturizers are created equal though, and not all hydration tips are entirely helpful. To avoid the dreaded dry and cracked winter skin, check out our quick list of tips and tricks.

Choose your moisturizer wisely

Just because something is labelled as a moisturizer, doesn’t mean it’s doing all that much to protect and heal your skin. If you already apply moisturizer daily and aren’t seeing any results, it may be time to do some research into what product would benefit your skin type the most. For me personally, I had to switch to a product that was fragrance-free and gentle on skin before I saw improvements in my dry skin.  

Keep your shower cool

I would never encourage anyone to deprive themselves of a warm shower on a cool fall day, but standing directly in a stream of boiling hot water has pretty predictable results for your skin.

Pick up a humidifier

Dry air and winter air are pretty interchangeable phrases. Pick up a humidifier to put moisture back into the air. This is not only beneficial for your skin, but it can also help boost your immunity to airborne illnesses common during these cold months.

Moisturize all night long

Moisturizing isn’t just a morning routine. While most people have to avoid heavier moisturizers during the day, night time is the perfect time to use a thicker / heavier moisturizer to really give your skin time to absorb it and prepare for the day ahead.

Use soaps that include a moisturizer

It’s no secret that many popular soaps can dry out your skin. Remember not to scrub too hard when using products like these, and taking the extra step to purchase one with a moisturizing agent can alleviate the issue. Dove, for instance, sells a wide variety of moisturizing soaps and body washes.

Avoid bath products like sponges and rags

Speaking of scrubbing, products like sponges and rags are common irritants to the skin. While these may be fine in the summer, in the cold winter months your skin needs as much love as it can get. Avoid using such products in the shower as combined with the hot water, they can do serious damage to your skin.

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