Winter Skin Care Tips

7 Winter Skin Care Tips

By | December 20, 2017 | self-care

It’s that time of year. The wind whips your face and hands. The cold air steals moisture and dry heat takes even more. Hair gets dry and static-y. And skin. Skin gets…cracked, scaly and sore. Even for those of us with the best of routines, winter skin care is a whole other beast.

True beauty comes from within, and from what you put into your body. These four key nutrients play a vital role in boosting your skin clarity, texture, and glow: vitamins A, C, and E.

from “Skin Loving Supplements” by Caroline Wiswell MS RD LDN

Keep that Glow: Winter Skin Care

In the summer it’s all about protecting your skin from the sun. Winter skin care takes on different threats. 

  1. Hydrate from the inside. It’s basic skin health. You need to drink water to keep skin hydrated. And it’s never more important than in the winter when nature is constantly zapping moisture from your skin.
  2. Up your nutrients. Whether you add collagen to your smoothies or take it in supplement form along with vitamins A, C, and E, it can help skin texture and resiliency. 
  3. Switch up your moisturizer. The moisturizer that works for you in the humidity of summer is likely not enough to keep dryness at bay. You don’t want to choose something that isn’t formulated for your skin type, but you do want something stronger. For example, in the summer I use Tatcha Water Cream or Belif Water Bomb and  for my winter skin care routine I switch to Tatcha Silk Cream or Belif Moisture Bomb.
  4. Layer hydration. Winter skin care routines, like dressing for the cold, are more effective when you layer. Your moisturizer might not be enough on its own. If you’re not already using a moisturizing serum, you can add one after you cleanse and before you moisturize. I’m also a big fan of sleeping masks. I use Laneige Water Sleeping Mask every night when my skin is super dry or a couple times a week when it is feeling healthy to keep dryness at bay.
  5. Don’t be afraid of oils. Oils aren’t inherently bad for your skin. And all of them won’t cause breakouts. Cleansing oils such as Tatcha Camelia Oil or Palmer’s Cleansing Oil are gentle cleansers that remove makeup without stripping oil from your skin. Other oils such as Tarte Maracuja Oil or Argan Oil can be used on top of moisturizer to seal in hydration.
  6. Don’t stop exfoliating. One of the mistakes people make with their skin is that they pile on more and more moisturizer when they see flakes. But once skin flakes, it is dead and can’t be saved. So don’t ditch exfoliation from your winter skin care routine. Exfoliating it will reveal new, healthy skin underneath. And that is the skin that needs the moisturizer.
  7. Indulge your skin. Whether it is a hand or foot mask, or an indulgent bath oil, treat your skin this winter. Pampering it with extra care and hydration will give you a little bit of self-care time while keeping your skin (your largest organ) healthy. My favorites are the serum-infused gloves and booties from Sephora which have worked some miracles on my dry hands.
Winter Skin Care Tips Infographic

A little care goes a long way in preventing (or reversing) dry, dull, and cracked winter skin. These winter skin care tips have saved my skin from certain doom when cold weather comes knocking every year.

Year-round skin care tips:

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