Turmeric, the Magic Root

By | April 7, 2017 | nutrition

Turmeric is a popular for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. It has other health benefits, too.

New Gluten-Free Favorites from the Food Allergy Blogger Conference

By | January 20, 2017 | nutrition

Food Allergy Bloggers Conference is one of my favorite events of the year. I get to see friends from all over and every meal is completely free of the top 8 allergens – down to the desserts and cocktails. Many …

Body Hacks: Easy Ways to Unwind From Your Day and Fall Asleep Fast

By | January 15, 2017 | wellness

It happens to me all the time. I’m sure it happens to you. After a long day, you climb into bed ready to sleep and out of nowhere your brain decides it is time to go into overdrive. Next thing …

4 Cookbooks for Your Best Cleanse Yet

By | December 29, 2016 | nutrition, wellness

NB This post contains affiliate links meaning that LFI Labs may receive a portion of your purchase. When it is time for a change, a cleanse can be a great way to kickstart a new diet regimen or simply reset …

Atomic #12 – Magnesium and Your Health

By | November 15, 2016 | nutrition, wellness

Author’s Note: This article is based on personal research and experiences. This is not medical advice. I have linked to experts and research for more information. Please make sure to discuss any health concerns with your doctor before you start …

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