25 Affirmations for a Midyear Slump

25 Affirmations For a Mid-Year Slump

By | July 12, 2017 | self-care

It is halfway through the year — a perfect time for a mid-year slump, and also the perfect time for some affirmations. Realizing just how much of your New Year’s Resolution fell to the wayside. Or that you haven’t started on the projects you wanted to undertake this year. Or it is summer and it is hot and the pressure of life is just too much.

Getting out of a funk is possible.

You can exercise, you can treat yourself to a massage. And you can use affirmations to change your mindset. I’ll admit, I have often thought that affirmations were silly and pointless. That they were something nice to pin on Pinterest and call it a day. However, using affirmations is a sound psychological principle.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are a way of programming your mind to believe a stated concept. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy — it’s why movies can make you laugh and cry despite the fact that you know it isn’t real.

Our minds will recognize both positive and negative affirmations from internal and external sources. The more you hear something, the more you believe it. It’s called the “illusory truth effect” which what happens when you start believe something after it has been repeated over and over again.

Why affirmations work

These can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you through a tough time when you’re likely vulnerable to self-sabotaging thoughts. Maybe you lost your job and you’re now convinced you’re not good enough. Or maybe you just went through a messy break-up and you feel undesirable. Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, you are convincing yourself every day that you are this or that.

Affirmations are taking control of your narrative. Your story. Who YOU are. Next time you catch a self-deprecating thought becoming your truth, replace it with a positive truth. You do this by repeating the positive statement to yourself when you have that negative thought.

Reality check. This isn’t about deluding yourself. If you failed a test because you didn’t study, own it. But if your boss or co-worker makes you feel small, take inventory and tell yourself the truth.

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I’ve gathered a list of my 25 favorite affirmations below:

  1. I am enough.
  2. I feel energetic and full of life.
  3. I love myself deeply and unconditionally.
  4. I am a magnet for miracles.
  5. I am indestructible.
  6. I respect my body.
  7. My courage is stronger than my fear.
  8. My body is perfect because it is mine.
  9. I treat myself with compassion.
  10. I feel wonderful and alive.
  11. I am healthy and full of energy.
  12. I am choosing happiness.
  13. I organize my priorities.
  14. I am persistent.
  15. I learn from my mistakes.
  16. Mistakes are not failures.
  17. I am successful in whatever I do.
  18. This is only the beginning.
  19. I inspire those around me.
  20. I have the power of my path.
  21. I have an awesome life.
  22. My dreams are possible.
  23. I am capable of whatever I set my mind to.
  24. Luck is earned.
  25. I let go of my excuses.

Hopefully, these affirmations will get you on the track to feeling better both internally and externally. Tell us what you do to beat the mid-year slump, and check out more information about how to be more successful in your work life as well in the article below!

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