açaí bowl with granola and bananas

Açaí Bowls

By | May 25, 2017 | nutrition

All good food is in bowls these days. From Buddha bowls to smoothie bowls, health is on the menu and on trend. If you’re a Kardashian fan, you’ve no doubt seen that clan eat their fair share of açaí bowls. However, they aren’t reserved for the rich and famous – they’re an easy way to make a combination of a meal and treat.


Antioxidants are important for healthy diets and açaí is packed full of them. They are said to: have anti-ageing properties, help with weight loss, improve mental clarity, clear up the skin and reduce fatigue. Honestly, it tastes good too. Which makes a great natural choice for a smoothie base.

Special ingredients

While it is easier to find açaí now than a few years ago, it can still be hard to find. For example, you can either buy frozen packets of açaí or you can freeze juice/puree into ice cubes to blend up yourself. If you can’t find the magic berry near you and don’t want to order through Amazon or Thrive Market, you can use blueberries or a mix of your favorite berries instead.


Make it your own

These recipes are quick and easy ways to turn a meal into a healthy treat. And I make them whenever I want more than a smoothie but don’t want to make a full hot breakfast. By treating it as a canvas I can play with, I have an infinite variety of meals in my future. What are your favorite ways to eat an açaí bowl?

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