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7 Ways To Make Getting Out of Bed Easier

By | October 19, 2017 | wellness

The pattern is the same. It’s 11:00 pm and you’ve decided that you’re going to hit the sack early and get a great night’s sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day at 6 am. Then Netflix sends you a notification that it has a new recommendation for you, and your fate is sealed. In the morning you roll out of bed at 7:45 wondering what happened, and why the universe is out to get you and why getting out of bed is so hard. 

Thankfully, this isn’t a hard cycle to break. With a few tweaks to your environment and lifestyle, you can be one of those people who posts pictures of their 5 am workout. Often times the issue isn’t that you just weren’t born to be a morning person, or that you’re extremely unmotivated. Instead, the problem may lie in your pre-sleep ritual or the foods you eat before bed.

Make an early plan with a friend or coworker

This is a particularly good tactic to get you out of bed because it adds a level of personal responsibility. On a regular day, you know you can snooze until you have just enough time to get ready to work. Regardless of whether you go to an office or stay at home. However if the result of hitting the snooze button results letting down your friend, you’re much more likely to get up.

Approach it in small steps

If your normal wake time is around 7:30, it’s just not realistic that you’re going to start getting up at 5:30 out of the blue. Your body needs time to adjust to your new schedule. Ease into it. Depending on the significance of your goal, set your alarm earlier in small increments each morning, until you have reached your ideal time.

Start the day with activities that energize you

It can be very easy to wake up early and immediately sit down with some tea and read a book, or scroll through Facebook. The downside is that this all too often results in you falling back asleep. To avoid this, start the day with a shower or a run. Even a quick walk to take out the trash. Anything that gets your heart rate up.

Get off your phone

We’ve all been told this 1000 times, and honestly, how many of us listen? Even if you aren’t spending the last few hours before bed texting, scrolling through social media can seem irresistible. Instead, try subscribing to a magazine based on one of your interests. Often times magazines contain very visual content, and will still entertain you before bed, without the need for a screen.

Take a cold shower

Looking for something in the morning that’s going to kick your body into high gear faster than coffee? While the idea of stepping out of your warm bed and into a frigid shower doesn’t sound tempting, it can be an incredible way to make getting out of bed more energizing. 

Avoid the wrong foods

We’ve all seen that sitcom episode. Someone eats a few too many slices of pizza before bed and has a vivid nightmare of that situation happening in reverse. These are exaggerated but they aren’t all wrong. Avoid eating foods before bed such as:

  • Pizza
  • Coffee
  • Ice Cream
  • Burgers
  • Sugary / Fatty foods

All of these can lead to indigestion, restlessness, and overall just a poor nights sleep. This just makes it all the more difficult to get out of bed when the alarm goes off.

Try supplementation

Sometimes not even cold showers and angry texts from friends asking why you skipped your breakfast date can get you out of bed. If your problem isn’t so much the wake-up, but the quality of your sleep, consider supplementation. Restore Sleep, for instance, can help you fall asleep and stay asleep making it easier for you to wake up and start your day.

Got any tips and tricks of your own? We would love to hear them. Let us know in the comments!

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