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4 Cookbooks for Your Best Cleanse Yet

By | December 29, 2016 | nutrition, wellness

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When it is time for a change, a cleanse can be a great way to kickstart a new diet regimen or simply reset your nutritional compass. The best cleanses are both a physical and mental reset – a sort of gift to your body of nutrients.

Cleanses come in a variety of styles – from juice cleanses to sugar detoxes, there’s a cleanse style that works for everyone. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite healthy cookbooks that I find myself turning to when I need a health boost. I didn’t include just any cookbook – plenty of them aren’t really that great. Books had to have great recipes, beautiful photos and food I would actually want to eat. Cleanses are hard enough, you shouldn’t have to suffer through eating food that isn’t good while you do one.

Blender Girl Smoothies Cookbook & App

If you need it simple:

The Blender Girl Smoothies (Book & App),

This book and app organize smoothies by ingredients as well as by what they are good for. There are a few specific to cleansing and others for immunity, energy and even allergies. Tess’s recipes are always tasty and blend up with the consistency you want from a smoothie. The app version makes it easy to put together a list for the grocery store.

Eating Clean by Amie Valpone

If you need a plan:

Eating Clean by Amy Valpone

Amy spent years trying to get healthy and it took carefully going through her diet to finally set her on a path to good health. This book is full of tips and tricks for resetting your diet and comes with a 3-week plan to reset your diet. The food is simple and approachable and Amy’s writing is friendly and knowledgeable.

Yum Universe by Heather Crosby

If you need a community:

Yum Universe by Heather Crosby

YumUniverse is both a cookbook and a vibrant foodie community. These plant-strong recipes come with advice and encouragement from others who are on a journey to health. The cookbook is full of lush photos and recipes that will inspire you to find joy in the produce section of the grocery store.

Food Lovers Cleanse from Bon Appetit

If you are a super foodie:

Bon Appetit’s Food Lover’s Cleanse

Each year, Bon Appetit publishes a food lover’s cleanse filled with tasty, gourmet recipes that focus on healthy ingredients and pressing a nutritional reset. This book outlines their cleanse rules and gathers recipes from previous years as well as some new recipes to give you a mix and match roadmap to a healthy diet. (Plus, they make sure you get desert!)

Do you have a favorite cookbook that you turn to for healthy recipes? What strategies do you use to make sure you can stick to your cleanse?

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