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Cleanse Your Colon with this All Natural Detox Supplement


LFI Labs Detox System

Once again it’s the start of a new year, with its offer to wipe the slate clean and begin again. Time to let go of the guilt over your holiday indulging and skipped workouts. Today is your opportunity to start fresh. And LFI has just the products to help you with your health and life balance reset.



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Kickstart the new year

We are exposed to harmful toxins daily that can quickly contaminate our bodies. Now you can rid your body of these pollutants naturally with LFI Labs Detox System. This high quality, all natural detox package has everything you need to rebalance and restore your body, including:

  • 1 bottle of BALANCE Purify, 
1 bottle of ELEMENTS Garlic Super Complex.
  • 2 ERG! Energy bars (two of the most-popular flavors this season).
  • 4 weekly installments of detox strategies and straight talk sent right to you (we’ll never share your email with anyone).

By ridding your body of waste buildup, it will also absorb nutrients more easily, boost metabolism, increase energy and improve digestion. This year, make your detoxification experience simple, effective and healing with LFI Labs Detox System. And get it soon, with free expedited shipping.


BALANCE Purify – Center yourself

  • Intense detox program. BALANCE Purify is formulated with a combination of fiber, probiotics and antioxidants to jumpstart detoxification.
  • Reset metabolism. Ginger, cayenne and flaxseed support healthy metabolism and immunity. Taken together, these ingredients trigger energy production while the body cleanses.
  • Relieve indigestion and inflammation. Cayenne, ginger and goldenseal help reduce inflammation and relieve nausea, all of which support healthy digestion.


ELEMENTS Garlic Super Complex – Fortify yourself

  • Supports immune system health. Garlic has long been used to treat the common cold and moreover, is acclaimed as an immunity-boosting superstar.
  • Improves cardiovascular health. Garlic can help lower blood pressure and LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol, in addition to increasing HDL (‘good’) cholesterol.
  • Aids in digestion. Garlic’s high-potassium content aids the absorption of nutrients; which helps prevent digestive problems and fatigue as well.
  • Antioxidants to protect against cell damage. Antioxidants in garlic support the body’s protective mechanisms against oxidative damage.
  • Chlorophyll. This ingredient in ELEMENTS Garlic Super Complex, is a proven blood cleanser. It detoxifies while also energizing by allowing your blood to carry more oxygen.


ERG! Bars to power through your day

Also included in LFI Labs Detox System are two delicious, all natural ERG! Bar bites. These healthy, delicious bars are just the snack to lift your afternoon slump, while putting a smile on your face. And they are just as delicious as they are healthy. Chock full of raw, whole foods for nutritious energy, so we think you’re going to love them.

LFI’s 4 week detox strategy

To ensure you start your program off right and stick with it, we will also email you four installments of honest detox strategies, tools, suggestions and no-nonsense information each week. LFI Labs wants to provide the support you need to reach your health and lifestyle goals.

Welcome 2017.

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